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“Why did you and your friends not cheat in the test?” asked me to Manami-san in one of our meeting.  She looked confused, her eyes blinked for many times in deep confusion.  “Umm.. umm.. I don’t know. Yeah.. umm… because.. because WE ARE STUDENTS,” replied her in desperate at last. Hearing this unpredictable answer, I was very surprised and laughed in joy, and she got more confused to see my reaction. Then, I remembered my students in my school. Lots of my students answered that they did not cheat because they could not cheat, as the teachers-in-duty were strict, discipline, ‘cruel’ or the similar other words…

The first two images are the pictures of Hokudai’s students who have Language-Exchange Meeting with me, Manami Kawata and Michiko Watanabe. Both of them are joining scholarship selection to Finland (I am sure they deserve it). With them, I learn many things about Japan and the Japanese. Formerly, before my departure to Japan, many friends and students asked me, “Why are you studying English Education in Japan, Mr. Phoe? Japan is not an English-speaking country, right?” Yup, it’s right. Japan is not. “That’s why I choose Japan. I want to know how the government and the people consider and treat English in their daily and academic life,” answered me. This answer was mostly affected by My Brother-in-Office, Mr. Yudi. He always told me, “Every country, every community, every family has their own problems. Your job in Japan is not only about knowing the good things, but also the problems they are facing now, as the similar problems may appear in our community in the future.  We are leaders in the future, and we must be aware of it.”

And.. it’s true. There is no place without problems. I cannot deny that Japan education has problems to cope with, but here I will not talk about them as my knowledge about them is not sufficient yet. Here, let us look back to our own community, in smaller scope, SMAN 1 Widodaren of Ngawi. It can be said that our school is representing many schools in Indonesia, schools in rural areas, which are always getting busy for the final examination (both school and national final examination). Unfortunately, this busy, turbulent condition often leads to a big danger in our youth’s character: THE FADE OUT OF HONESTY. Explanation is not needed anymore here to describe how light of honesty is turning dark and dark in our sky, as our televisions and newspapers have talked much about it.

We cannot blame the students for the whole mistakes because it must be realized that cheating in test is actually a product of system. And in the system, along with the government as the policy maker, there is teacher-area that unintentionally allows this bad manner grow. This system (National Final Examination, score oriented assignments) seems to have lullaby the students and teachers in the Island of Score, so that they give less attention to dig up the students’ interests and talents in non-academic (non-cognitive) intelligence.

Wake up, my Students, get up..!! You are all great. I believe it..!

(Tulisan ini belum selesai sepenuhnya. Tulisan ini adalah hasil ngaco karena teringat murid2 saya: Wahyu Pak Pos sang Gitaris, Yayan Setya sang Sutradara, Titis sang Biduan, Intan sang Sinden, Izzibad sang Olahragawan, Vita Ayu sang Komikus, Yoga Sunja sang Pelukis, dll. Miss the craziness with you all…)


One thought on “07) ‘SLEEPING BEAUTIES’

  1. Yups, Pak Phoe. Before I came to Japan I always wandered how they could raise after a great defeat in world war II. It only took me only two weeks to really understand some of the answers; they have great teachers. And having read your article I came to knowing that they also had great – and beautiful- students.

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