1. When taking classes, there are we six
    When taking tests, there are we six

    When taking parties, there are we six
    When going out for fun, there are we six
    When taking graduation ceremony, there still, are we six.
    1.山下先生:loving and hating teacher
    I hate you, because you always scoff some Chinese blind sides
    I like you, because you always help us understand difficult grammar by means of lifelike actions and vivid metaphor
    I envy you, because you can own 16-year-like mind but look like 50-year-old.
    But I still respect you, you are one of the best teachers who know how to teach and how to be kind with students.
    山下先生:Please give me a reason to dislike Onishi sensei.
    赵文涛:Sorry, but I can’t find even if I rack my brains.
    褚清南:Terribly sorry, but I don’t know even if you put the sword on my neck.
    李杨:What? Are you kidding me??? I refuse to sorry because it is an absurd question without answers
    Isma: I’m so so sorry, but I really can’t find even if the God bestows me a hundred years to think about this ridiculous question.
    Phoe:I can’t find out suitable words to express my apology, but actually I have no idea even if the sun rises from the west.
    郑淼:I just want to say one reason: even if you starve me out I must still say this is a bullshit question which is unanswerable.3.中野先生
    I am short-sighted, (you know what), since first time I saw you I thought you were a person with mix-blooded.
    I am short-sighted, (you know what), since first time I saw you I thought you were as young as me.
    However, short-sighted can be cured, as least sometimes.
    Sometime I am long-sighted, because I agree with the perspective of them you are genuinely not only a competent and elegant teacher, but also a considerate wife and benevolent mother.
    Sometime I am long-sighted, because I never blame you with always absence of our parties or just come and go in haste, because you are not only a nice teacher, but also a nice mother.
    Sometimes you come. Sometimes you go. Sometimes we will have a reunion.4.须藤先生
    She is always in low-file, but she is one of the most devoted teachers I have ever met.
    She is not an actor, but she owns the superexcellent acting skill even compared to professionals
    She does bad in English, but she can also help us master the grammar and words as other teachers.
    She taught us with the least time, but nobody doubts her contributions and devotions.
    She left us yesterday, but we will wait for her tomorrow.
    Life is a feast.


    He is incredibly all-round, because can play guitar, can painting portraits, can say zhongguohua.
    He is remarkably kind, every time before I planned to cut hair, a strategy written by Japanese can be obtained from this kind guy
    He is highly diligent, earn his living by himself.
    He is not a regular teacher, but has already been in our mind.

    I have reason to be stunned, with the composition written by me, modified by her, in that how she could do so meticulously.
    I have reason to be stunned, with the idea thought out by me, which trying to write down journals in Japanese nearly everyday and email to her to seek for modification.
    I have reason to be stunned, with the ring sticked in her fingers, and you will also feel shocked if you know who gave her.(of course I will not tell you it is not from her husband)
    I have reason to be stunned, with my luck that within a class I can be instructed by so many superexcellent teacher unexpectedly.

    7.趙部長:always funny and be made funny
    Thanks to your plenties of fun be instilled into my mind to draw me out from depression
    Thanks to your humor, complicated grammar and words can be mastered in cheerful voices and happy laughing
    Thanks to your major, gene and cell inference can be shared with me.
    Thanks to your wisdom and purity , I can’t forget you in my remaining years even if I want.

    First time meeting you, you looked very diligent with experimental uniform coming to class to register
    Second time meeting you, you are so pure and simple that it is doubtful you like pretending
    Third time meeting you, you have limitless reasons to attract us to urgent to make friends with you
    Last time meeting you, I found it is the second luckiest thing to happen since coming to Hokkaido
    Class period is transient, but friendship period is constant.

    The most impressive song I ever heard in KTV, is the song “someone like you” from you
    The most gentle 悪い人 I ever met in my life,is also you, invariably making gossips and making jokes and making fun of me
    However, without you, without much happiness we received during the class.
    Therefore, I sincerely appreciate you so much.
    Therefore, I look forward to meeting you in China and bring you to ear Beijing Toast Duck.
    PS: If you too busy to spare time to come, please squeeze time desperately.

    Do you believe love?
    Can you believe love can last over 7 years?
    How can you believe they will get married after 7-year-long relationship including high-school and university?
    Yes, after knowing Li Yang, I trust all of above.
    The time we are together is brief, but the memories are detailed.
    May your marriage can last hundred years.

    11.Elder-brother-like Phoe
    When talking with him, you always feel what you knew was too little.
    When talking with him, you always feel what you know are increased not a little.
    When talking with him, you always feel what you studied was too minute.
    When talking with him, you always feel what you studied are sublimed not minutely.
    When talking with him, you always feel that how he can be such a knowledgeable guy.
    When talking with him, you always feel that how he can be so reliable.
    A competent teacher, also a competent student.
    An intimate friend, also an intimate husband, still a intimate father.
    So, in the end of this essay, what should I say?


    If we can have a reunion, may the happiness reveals the whole night!
    Si un jour le bonheur, écrit ce qui souhaite cette nuit-l


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